Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Greetings From Flagler Beach

One of the places I hit this weekend while on my way to Daytona Beach was Flagler Beach, a small town in the next county north of Daytona. For whatever reason, the beach here is orange. It's almost the color of Georgia clay, but not quite. And it's still sand. Florida isn't all about the white sand beaches after all...

Hot Hot Hot

Did I mention how hot it was this weekend? This was the first time I'd actually been driving my car when the thermometer showed an outside temperature of 100 degrees. This wasn't after I'd been sitting in the sun all day, this is while I was driving down the interstate!

This Week In August

Yes, I'm late this week. I forgot to post this Sunday before I left on my road trip. I had some work to do in Daytona Beach, and I'd hoped to stay over there for the shuttle launch on Tuesday. Then they moved the Launch to Wednesday night, and I couldn't stay that long, so I came home. But I got home too late yesterday to post anything. And that brings us to today. The picture for the week is a detail of a fountain in front of Paris Las Vegas. Pretty cool, eh? I've seen this same fountain on a couple of episodes of CSI, but then if you watch CSI long enough, you'll see pretty much all of Vegas.