Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Missing Week In March

I know it's Saturday already, and posting the calendar page at the end of the week doesn't really do you much good. But give me a little break here, I've been sick. At least you get a great picture. This is a heritage flight at one of the airshows I went to back in 2006, I think. They roll out a vintage WWII fighter plane and fly it alongside current US military fighter jets. It's terribly impressive, and shows you how far we've come in so little time. This reminds me that airshow season is coming up, and I need to start keeping my eyes open for MacDill Airfest and Sun-N-Fun.

Why Fly When You Can Drive?

When I was in Chicago, I realized that Lakeshore Drive, right on Lake Michigan, is US 41. That runs right by me here in Florida, and it was right by my hotel in Illinois. I could have avoided all that flying and just driven there. Silly me.

Hello World

Hi. I'm back. When last I posted anything on here, I was in Chicago at a trade show. As that event wound down, I started to get a little sick. I was coughing a bit on Thursday before I got on my flight home, but nothing too bad. A disastrous flight out of Midway got me to Atlanta ten minutes too late to catch a connecting flight Thursday night. Luckily I was able to get in touch with friends in Atlanta and stayed at their house for 24 hours before I could get a guaranteed seat on a flight back to Florida. The longer I stayed in Atlanta, the worse I felt. But I thought that if I could just get home and sleep in my own bed, I'd be OK. I finally got home a little before Midnight Friday. I spent all day Saturday in bed and never got any better. Sunday I called the ambulance and spent Sunday night in ICU. Turns out I had the flu. If that's the flu, then I don't think I've ever had the flu before. On top of that, I had what they call diabetic ketoacidosis. That means that my body was breaking down fat to use as energy to fight the infection, but once the fat turned into sugar, I didn't have any insulin in my body for the cells to utilize it. So even though I wasn't eating anything, by the time they got me to the hospital, my normal sugar level of 120 had turned to 771. My meter wouldn't even read that much, it just kept coming back saying HI. So, suffice it to say I was in a bad way. I got out of the hospital Tuesday afternoon and I've been recovering at home ever since. I left the house for the first time Friday to go get some little bit of food, and I might do the same thing today. Today is the first day I've felt like I could sit at the computer and type for a while. So that's why I'm sharing my story with you now. I've spoken to some of you in the past week, and I thank you for your concern. I'm sure that the rest of you might be wondering, and now you know, but at least I'm on the road back to well-ville. One cough at a time. Excuse me a minute, I have to go hack up the rest of this lung...