Saturday, August 06, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 32

Hello! And welcome to the first 78 collection after the big Christmas in July hub-bub. It was pretty hectic for a while around here, but now we're back to the once a week calmness of the Christmas 78s from The Internet Archive. This week features 32 selections, all of which I recently downloaded and cleaned lightly for your enjoyment. All the selections this time around were from the late July dump at IA, which I don't usually do. I try to mix up the old with the new, but I set a challenge to myself, and I made it happen. I downloaded 106 selections last month, and I got them all cleaned up and imported, then I was able to tag 64 of them in the past few hours, and then I selected half of those to share with you today. So hopefully these songs all have that new car smell. I notice that in my haste, I've duplicated not one but two songs, which I try not to do. I'm going to have to stop doing the one-more-track-each-week trick, it's just becoming untenable. I was never going to make it to the end of the year that way, anyway, it's too many tracks. But that's neither here nor there today. Just enjoy the tracks in the pile, it's some good stuff, all from mid-last-century or earlier.


Update-4 Jan 2023-Added tracklist for searching.

1. Gordon MacRae With Van Alexander And His Orchestra-(Here's To) A Wonderful Christmas
2. Jim And Betty Smith And Orchestra-Baby It's Cold Outside
3. Freddie Corcoran-Hammond Organ And Novachord-Christmas Island
4. Bill Monroe-Christmas Time's A-Coming
5. Frankie Masters And His Orchestra-Vocal Chorus By Frankie Masters-Hello, Mister Kringle
6. Chick Bullock-It's Winter Again
7. Stubby And The Buccaneers-Vocal By Tiny Stokes And Male Trio-Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
8. Ivor Kern-La Campanella (Little Bells)
9. Felix Gross And His Orchestra-Love For Christmas
10. Ken Barry-Accompanist, Betty Lynn-Merry Christmas, Mother
11. Bonnie Davis And The Piccadilly Pipers-Out In The Cold Again
12. Les Baxter With His Chorus And Orchestra-Santa Claus' Party
13. Mervin Shiner-Santa, Santa Don't Be Mad At Me
14. Owen Bradley-Organ Solo With Chimes-Silent Night
15. American Radio Warblers With Preston Sellers At The Organ-Skaters Waltz
16. Sidney Torch And His Orchestra-Ski High (From The San Moritz Suite)
17. The Red Heads-'Tain't Cold
18. Nat Gonella And His Georgians-The Toy Trumpet
19. Chick Webb And His Orchestra-There's Frost On The Moon
20. Victor Young And His Orchestra-There's No Man Like A Snow Man (From Musical Production "A La Carte")
21. Gaylord Carter At The Hammond Organ-Toy Trumpet
22. Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians-Glee Club And Orchestra-White Christmas
23. Lee Stafford-Piano-Winter Garden Rag
24. Bobby Hayes And His Orchestra-Vocal Chorus Muriel Byrd-Wintertime Dreams
25. Woody Herman And His Orchestra-Vocal Chorus By Woody Herman-Wintertime Dreams
26. Mel Blanc With Orchestra Conducted By Van Alexander-Yah Das Ist Ein Christmas Tree
27. Joe Graydon With The Skylarks-You're All I Want For Christmas
28. Robert Mitchell Boy Choir-Adeste Fidelis
29. Uncle George Green And His Boys-Good-bye Summer Hello Winter
30. Einar Ekberg-Baritone With Orchestra And Choir In Chorus-O Holy Night
31. Clark & McMullen-The Big Fat Man (With The Long White Beard)
32. Bibletone-Hark, The Herald Angels Sing

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Thanksgiving In August 2022

And just like that, here we are at the end of Christmas in July. I meant to share out these Thanksgiving selections way back at the beginning, but I forgot. So here we are ending where we should have begun. But stranger thing have happened. Hope you can enjoy these tracks come the real Thanksgiving this November.

1. Here Comes The Turkey by Kay Lande from Let's Have A Party With Kay Lande (Harmony (Columbia) HL 9546 Demonstration Not For Sale, Mono, 1964). I don't think I mentioned this when I shared a Christmas track from this LP earlier in the month, but I added this LP to Discogs. It seems to have escaped everyone else's radar but mine. I like it when that happens.

2. November: Appreciation by Arthur Godfrey-Orchestra And Chorus Under The Direction Of Archie Bleyer from Arthur Godfrey's TV Calendar Show (Columbia GL 521, Mono, 1953). A rerun, but still a good track.

3. Song Of Thanksgiving by The Hollywood Tabernacle Band from Celebration Of A Century (The Salvation Army Southern California Division AEA 1307, Stereo, 1980). Yep, another Salvation Army record that I found at the Salvation Army store.

And everything else is production music.

4., 5., 6., 7., & 8. Thanksgiving Sale-Donut, -Instrumental Version 1 & 2, Intro & Tag, all from New TTS Production Music Tracks #3425 (William B. Tanner Company 3425, Stereo).

9. Turkey In The Straw from Trendsetter Volume A Disc 13 (William B. Tanner Company TRS V-A Disc 13, Stereo).

And that's it, there is nothing more in the folder. (Well, there's one track that's an edit of something I already shared. I made that to go on the eventual best-of, but I'm not going to share it here.) I did find one more record last Sunday that I could share, but I'm going to do something different with it. You should see it come Christmas time. I hope you've found plenty to enjoy this season. Don't forget to keep coming by weekly for the Christmas 78 shares, there's lots of those still to come. And I've got plenty of goodies in store for you come the Christmas season this year! Don't forget!


Monday, August 01, 2022

Chanukah In August 2022

Real quick, here are a couple of Chanukah songs I found in the midst of my Christmas search this year. One is a rerun, but one is new.

1. Mi Y'Amalel by The Weavers from The Weavers On Tour (Vanguard VSD-6537, Electronically Re-Recorded To Simulate Stereo, 1969). That's the rerun, but I couldn't pass it up.

2. Grandma's Draidel by Mickey Katz from Mickey Katz Plays Music For Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs And Brisses (Capitol T1021, Mono, 1958). And this is the new one. I know dreidel isn't spelled the same, but I'm hoping this is close enough for our purposes. According to the liner notes, draidel is a type of dance, so we'll pretend this is a Chanukah dance.

Not the best year for Chanukah songs, but there have been years when I have nothing, so I gotta take what I can get. Enjoy!


Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Best From Christmas In July 2021

It's been a long month around here, but it's finally drawing to a close. Before it ends, I've got one more little surprise for you. This is the collection of all the best tracks from the Christmas in July celebration last year. It was a short season with not a lot of shares, but the shares I had were good ones, so it was pretty easy to put together a best-of collection. I think you'll find this an easy listen, and you can enjoy it again and again, now and at Christmas. Not my favorite cover of all time, but it'll do. Give it a listen and enjoy!

1. American Percussion Society-Cuban Christmas
2. Glenn Yarbrough-December In Your Heart
3. George Barnes & Carl Kress-Snowfall-Edit
4. The New York Percussion Trio-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
5. Joanna Gleason & James Naughton-Lovers On Christmas Eve
6. Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog'-Sledd Ridin'
7. Jerry Clower-What Christmas Means To Me
8. The US Navy Band-Midnight Sleighride
9. Dick Curless-Winter's Comin' On Again
10. Artie Barsamian-Jingle Bells
11. Carole Danell-Winter Moon
12. Jack Conner-Angels We Have Heard On High
13. Luke Gordon-Christmas In Tennessee
14. London Variety Theatre Orchestra-Sleigh Ride
15. Martha Schlamme-Chanuke, O Chanuke!
16. The Dry Branch Fire Squad-Children, Go Where I Send Thee
17. Ralph Marterie-Danse Arabe
18. The Three Suns-Jingle Bell Rock-Edit
19. Sam Cooke-Out In The Cold Again
20. Perry Bechtel-The Bell's Of St. Mary's
21. The Irish Brigade-Marvelous Toy
22. Ronnie Gilbert-Borning Day
23. The Yokohama Knights-Hawaii Five-O/Greensleeves
24. Wayne & Marin Foster-We Need A Little Xmas-Excerpt
25. The Leon Symphoniette-Town Of Falling Snow (Yuki No Furu Machi O)
26. Ceil Cabot-A Seasonal Sonatina-Winter (Excerpt)
27. Billy Gray-Snow Deer
28. Marvin Fried-Christmas Cheer Through-Out The Year
29. Unknown Artist-Christmas Time
30. Joni James-Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
31. Flute Trio-Danse Of The Mirlitons
32. Donna Sanders & Steve Roland-Christmas Long Ago
33. Ted Heath-Baby, It's Cold Outside
34. Mary Macgregor, Steve Brainerd And The Children-The Birth
35. Donna Fargo-What Will The New Year Bring?


Christmas In July 2022-Part 22

It's the last day of the month, and that typically means I give you a few New Year's songs that I've collected up along with the usual Christmas stuff. This year is no exception, so here's a selection of songs celebrating the end of one year or the beginning of the next.

1. Auld Lang Syne by Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians from Guy Lombardo In Hi-Fi (Capitol (Canada) W738, Mono, 1956). Probably the most famous New Year's song around, and by the most famous performer there-of.

2. & 3. Look Ahead and The New Year: Look Ahead (Reprise), by The Mariners & Arthur Godfrey respectively, both with Orchestra And Chorus Under The Direction Of Archie Bleyer, and both from Arthur Godfrey's TV Calendar Show (Columbia GL 521, Mono, 1953). A nice little addition to the Christmas LP put out by AG & family.

And now some more versions of Auld Lang Syne from those production records.

4., 5. and 6. Auld Lang Syne (three different versions) from New TTS Production Music Tracks #3817 (William B. Tanner Company 3817, Stereo).

7. Auld Lang Syne, again, from Trendsetter Volume A Disc 13 (William B. Tanner Company TRS V-A Disc 13, Stereo).

And that's all I've got this year. Not the best collection, but it's something. Download and enjoy!


Christmas In July 2022-Part 21

A slightly special Christmas in July selection for you today! Special, because I hadn't intended to do this one, and it's also somewhat short with only six tracks, but there's a reason for that. I had thought I was all done with the Christmas songs, but I came home with four records last Wednesday, featuring six more songs I could share with you this month. So this is those six songs from four albums, and only one of them is a rerun from past seasons!

1. & 2. I Wanna Go Skating With Willie and Pretty Snowflakes by Patti Page from the kiddie LP Patti Page Sings (Playcraft/Wing/Mercury PLP-1300, Mono, 1957). I was excited to see these tracks on a kiddie-oriented collection from Miss Patti Page, since that meant I could share them here with you. I think I've also recently shared one or both with you from 78 in my other series this year. And of course both tracks appeared on her first Christmas album, so there is that...

3. One Solitary Life by Bob Horner from On Campus (Impact HWM-1935, Mon, 1967). This is the only spoken word track on the album (all of which is otherwise sung by The New Folk). But I figured it was worth sharing here.

4. & 5. Virgin Mary Had A Son and What Star Is This? by The Rock Of Ages Broadcast Choral Groups-The Chorus from Rock Of Ages (Rock Of Ages RA-LP-1, Mono, 1962). Some Mennonite singers. I'm not certain this was the chorus part of the LP, but I thought I heard both male and female people singing in the background. My other choices were groups consisting entirely of either boys or girls, so I went with chorus.

6. The Star And The Wise Men by The Sarasota Messengers, the rerun of the day, from the LP The Sarasota Messengers Quartet/The Southern Harmony Trio (A+R 8011-47, Stereo). Again, I believe these are singers from one of the local Sarasota Mennonite groups. The back of the LP mentioned a new church building they had recently completed in 1980, so the record dates from then or shortly thereafter.

And that's it for the bonus today. Hope it was worth the download for you. Enjoy!


I knew I shouldn't have posted this early. I found another record on Saturday.

7. The Message Of Christmas by The International Staff Band Of The Salvation Army-Conducted By Colonel Bernard Adams from Brass Impact (EMI (England) SXLP 50015, Stereo, 1973). This was from the same Salvation Army store that I found the other Salvation Army records at. Dunno if it was there the first trip and I just missed it, or if it's a new donation. I kinda think it was a new donation because I grabbed a couple of other full Christmas albums that I didn't see before. It was too good not to share this year, and I'm trying to not leave any records for next year. So enjoy this late addition!