Saturday, May 14, 2022

2022 At 78 RPM-Part 20

Well, twenty seems like a big number after a month of odd, well, not odd, not prime, perhaps unmemorable numbers. But twenty, that sounds like a big deal. So in honor of twenty, I've got twenty shares for the day (which is actually the same number I've been giving you weekly for a couple months  now, but pretend it's something special...). About half of the shares in the pile today are things from April's dump at The Internet Archive. I got a total of 132 new tracks last month, which may be a record for a single month. Of course not all of those were new additions to my pile or theirs. I frequently grab new rips of things I've previously shared if they look better, or even if they are simply things I liked a lot the first time around. Or maybe I just forgot I'd already grabbed them (that happens more and more as I get farther and farther into this project). Also new finds will frequently lead me into finding old things I missed. There's a lot of Christmas music in their Great 78 Project, and I don't pretend to know the names of all the songs out there. There are so many new songs to discover, it's still a great treasure hunt. But that's enough blathering. Here's a link to more Christmas music from 78 for you. Enjoy!


No new appliance stories to share with you this week, I'm afraid. I did get a new internet connection from Frontier. Jumped from 50 meg to 500 meg! And for about the same money, no less. But it turns out the network adapter in my old desktop is still stuck at 100 meg, so I need to upgrade that to see a difference. And the streaming services still stutter or buffer sometimes. There're just too many variables in the system. But it's still light years better than the old days of dial-up, which I well remember. I'd queue up a hundred downloads from Napster before I went to bed, just in hopes that half of them might be done the next morning when I woke up. Most of them weren't done, but that's more due to the users logging off who were sharing the files I wanted. It was a strange time where you turned off your internet when you were done with it. Ah, the old days...