Saturday, July 31, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 5

I've missed a couple days, so I apologize for that. Hard to find time to post some days, but I'm back for the weekend at least. And as is traditional, the last day of the month is when we celebrate New Year's! It seems weird to do that on the fifth day of sharing, but that's the way the cookie is crumbling this season. And I've only for three short New Year songs for you, but at least I've got something. Let's see what's in the pile!

1. What Will The New Year Bring? by Donna Fargo from Whatever I Say Means I Love You (ABC Dot DOSD-2029, Stereo, 1975). A new song to me, something I found while trolling through For Sale listings at Discogs. It's a wonderful place, but it can get expensive if you aren't careful. I'm sure I didn't pay too much for this one though. I can remember my aunt having a Donna Fargo record when I was little, but it wasn't this one.  Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, I think that's what it was.

2. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve by Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker-Orchestra Conducted By Dave Appell from Bobby Rydell/Chubby Checker (Cameo C 1013, Mono, 1960). Another track from this great duo.

3. New Year's Eve by American Percussion Society, Paul Price-Conductor from Breaking The Sound Barrier, Vol. 1-Percussion (Urania UX 106, Mono, 1957). Another great percussion track, and something that I likely wouldn't have found were it not for a Discogs listing. This one set me back a little more than my usual thrift store records, but I think it was worth it.

And that's it, just a quick three and done today. If you think it's hard to find Christmas songs on non-Christmas records, you should try to dig up New Year's records! So I was happy to be able to have these three to share. Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 4

Day four, feels like it should be the Fourth of July, not nearly the end of the month. Oh well, I could have planned it out better. Maybe next year. Here are a few more new songs for your seasonal listening pleasure.

1. Sleigh Ride by London Variety Theatre Orchestra, Conducted By Thomas Hughes from Leroy Anderson Favourites (SAGA (UK) STM 6020, Mono, 1959). A carbon copy of the Boston Pops arrangement, but I think this was the only version I turned up this year. And you can tell it's from England because of the way they spell Favourites.

2. What Christmas Means To Me by Jerry Clower-Guitarist: Cary Banks from Clower Power (MCA MCA-317, Stereo, 1973). The only comedy bit I found this year, though I guess it's not really humorous. I'll call it a recitation.

3. Oh Bethlehem by The Adult Choir Of The Congregational Church Of Manhasset, New York, Ministry Of Music-Robley And Jean Lawson, from Sacred Music (No Label, G8-OP-8168/8169, Mono, 1956). Well, it's long, I'll give it that.

4. My Favorite Things by Ronnie Gilbert from Alone With Ronnie Gilbert (Mercury MG 20917 For Broadcast Only Not For Sale, Mono, 1964). I don't remember much about this one, so I can't think of anything snarky to say. Oh, Ronnie is a girl, and she takes it really slowly...

5. Born In Bethlehem by The Journeymen from Coming Attraction-Live! (Capitol T 1770, Mono, 1962). I've been on a Mamas And The Papas kick lately, So this was a nice listen. If you get a chance, go watch Echo In The Canyon. Interesting documentary on the music scene that included the M's & P's. Monterey Pop is really good, too.

6. Town Of Falling Snow (Yuki No Furu Machi O) by The Leon Symphoniette from Musical Memories Of Japan (London International SW 99314, Stereo, 1962). I'm a sucker for songs about snow. We don't have any of it in Florida, so I guess that goes a little ways towards explaining my fascination.

7. Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child by The Bell Singers-Winifred Settle, Director-Janis Haiser, Accompanist from Let There Be Music (No Label FR-703 (Sponsored By Southern Bell Girls Club-Louisville, KY), Mono). I gotta learn to stay away from these homespun choir records. I can't remember the last good song I ripped from one. I guess it happens sometimes, but it's rare.

8. Christmas Cheer Through-Out The Year by Marvin Fried from The Lord's Side #1 Proclaim The Word/The Helen Side #2 (Songs Of Sharon HCS 4179, Stereo, 1979). Now this was an odd looking record. I was pretty stoked to see a Christmas tune on there. Hope it's worth the trouble to download and listen to.

And that's it, another smattering of tunes for you. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 3

 Time for another installment of Christmas In July, the extra late in the month edition. Took me a while to get started this month, but I hope you think it's worth the wait. Here's another good batch of Songs for your Christmas Enjoyment.

1. Oh Come All Ye Faithful by The Adult Choir Of The Congregational Church Of Manhasset, New York, Ministry Of Music-Robley And Jean Lawson from Sacred Music (No Label, G8-OP-8168/8169, Mono, 1956). This was the sorta homemade record that I tried to avoid this year, but I still wound up with a few of them.  Interesting enough as an artifact, but not the most exciting track I'll share this month. Now, if someone from this church were to show up here, then it gets interesting.

2. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers by The New York Percussion Trio-Murry Solomon, Guest Bass-Ray Wright, Conductor & Arranger from Holidays For Percussion (Vox ST-VX 25.740, Stereo, 1958). Now this is more like what I wanted to showcase this year.  This is the stuff!

3. Sledd Ridin' by Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog' from Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog' (Flying Fish FF 054, Stereo, 1978). Turns out one of the composer's names is Sledd, so it's not as seasonal as I thought it might be, but it's still good.

4. Snowfall by George Barnes & Carl Kress from Town Hall Concert (United Artists UAL 3335, Mono, 1963). A live version from a couple of guitar virtuosos.

5. Winter Wonderland by Pete King, His Orchestra & Chorus from Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies Of 1967-31st Edition (Dot SLP 25757, Stereo, 1967). This is the stereo version of a rare LP by Pete King that I first shared with you many years ago.  Discogs is a great resource sometimes. Pretty sure I took this out out of the shrink wrap.

6. Hawaii Five-0/Greensleeves by The Yokohama Knights from Yokohama Knights (Eye/GRT GRT-10002, Stereo, 1969). How can you go wrong with this? Christmas music meets Hawaii 5-0!!

7. A Seasonal Sonatina-Winter (Excerpt) by Ceil Cabot With Stan Keen And Gordon Connell At The Plural Pianos from Demi-Dozen (Offbeat Records O-4015 "Upstair At The Downstairs, Julius Monk", Mono, 1959). A bit of a rarity from a series of soundtracks to the off-Broadway shows put on by Julius Monk for a while in NYC. I've come across quite a few of these now.

And that's it for now.  Stay tuned, I promise there's more.


Monday, July 26, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 2

Now that the month is nearly over, I've finally got some of my ducks in a row, and I've got some Christmas songs to share with you. It's not a big pile like the past few years, but it's a collection of songs, hopefully there will be a few in there that you like. Let's see what's in tonight's selection.

1. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year by Joni James With Orchestra Conducted By David Terry from Joni Sings Songs By Victor Young And Songs By Frank Loesser (MGM E3449, Mono, 1956). I thought for sure I'd shared this out before, but I can find no mention of it anywhere. I guess it slipped through the cracks somehow.

2. Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker-Orchestra Conducted By Dave Appell from Bobby Rydell/Chubby Checker (Cameo C 1013, Mono, 1960). One of the finds that led me to start collecting Christmas tunes from non-Christmas albums. This record actually featured three Christmas tracks, and they're all pretty cool.

3. Baby, It's Cold Outside by The Ted Heath Orchestra from Those Were The Days (London Phase 4 SP 44164, Stereo, 1971). Another one that I thought surely I'd shared out before, but if I did, it was another version.

4. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, as written and recited by Robert Frost from Robert Frost Reads The Poems Of Robert Frost (Decca DL 9033, Mono, 1957). I was already paying before I realized they'd just charged me $10 for this one album. So I hope you enjoy it.

5. Snowfall by The Guitars, Inc. from Soft And Subtle (Warner Bros BS 1246, Stereo, 1959). Now I know I've shared out this one, and I probably shared out their Christmas LP at one time, though probably not anymore. Many of these things are available digitally now, so no more sharing.

6. Midnight Sleighride From "Lieutenant Kije" (After Prokofief) by The United States Navy Band-Lieutenant Commander Anthony A. Mitchell, USN, Leader from A Musical Salute To You-Zero Defect Presentation Record (Naval Air Systems Command (AIR-5024) For The Naval Material Command Zero Defects Program XSV 124950/124951, Stereo). Well, I'm sure I've never shared this before. Never even seen it before. I thought it was a budget record, but it appears to be a freebie given to contractors (or someone similar) for participation in some sort of quality control program.  Neat record, neat music.

And that's it for tonight, a nice little selection.  Enjoy!


Sunday, July 25, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 1

Well, now that I've spent most of the month sharing best-of collections with you, it turns out that I do have a few new songs to share with you. Between the global pandemic and my girlfriend moving in with me, buying records has not been much of a priority for the past year and a half. But I've still been able to buy some things here and there, and I've spent way more time on Discogs than any one man really should. I bought a few things here and there that I just couldn't resist, so I'm going to spend a few days sharing the fruits of my labor with you. Let's see what's in the first pile.

1. The Star Of Bethlehem by Nelson T. Huffman from Life Of Jesus In Song (No Label LOJ, Stereo).  Funnily enough, a couple days after I found this record, I saw a sealed copy in a thrift store. I didn't think it was good enough to splurge on a second copy.

2. Er Is Een Kindeke Geborn Op D'Aard (Dutch Carol) ("There Is A Child Born On The Earth") by The Yale Glee Club-Fenno Heath, Director-Tenor Soloist: Michael A. Barnett '67 from The Yale Glee Club In Concert (No Label LP-321, Stereo, 1967). I didn't realize until it was too late that I'd already shared this with you some years back.  That happens more and more lately. I've shared so much, plus my memory isn't what it used to be.

3. Drummer's Holiday by The New York Percussion Trio-Murry Solomon, Guest Bass-Ray Wright, Conductor & Arranger from Holiday For Percussion (Vox ST-VX 25.740, Stereo, 1958). With a name like Holiday For Percussion, you better believe I had to hunt down a copy via Discogs.

4. Na Leanbhai I Mbeithil (The Children In Bethlehem) by Mary O'Hara from Songs Of Ireland (Tradition (Everest) TLP 1024, Electronically Re-Recorded To Simulate Stereo, 1958). Another one that I'd shared before.

5. Angels We Have Heard On High by The Bell Singers-Winifred Settle, Director-Janis Haiser, Accompanist from Let There Be Music (No Label FR-703 (Sponsored By Southern Bell Girls Club-Louisville, KY), Mono). It wouldn't be Christmas in July without random singers and their home-produced albums.

And that's it for now, just five songs. I don't want to promise too much, there isn't a whole lot in the bucket, but it should get better.  Stay tuned.