Monday, July 26, 2021

CiJ 2021-Part 2

Now that the month is nearly over, I've finally got some of my ducks in a row, and I've got some Christmas songs to share with you. It's not a big pile like the past few years, but it's a collection of songs, hopefully there will be a few in there that you like. Let's see what's in tonight's selection.

1. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year by Joni James With Orchestra Conducted By David Terry from Joni Sings Songs By Victor Young And Songs By Frank Loesser (MGM E3449, Mono, 1956). I thought for sure I'd shared this out before, but I can find no mention of it anywhere. I guess it slipped through the cracks somehow.

2. Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker-Orchestra Conducted By Dave Appell from Bobby Rydell/Chubby Checker (Cameo C 1013, Mono, 1960). One of the finds that led me to start collecting Christmas tunes from non-Christmas albums. This record actually featured three Christmas tracks, and they're all pretty cool.

3. Baby, It's Cold Outside by The Ted Heath Orchestra from Those Were The Days (London Phase 4 SP 44164, Stereo, 1971). Another one that I thought surely I'd shared out before, but if I did, it was another version.

4. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening, as written and recited by Robert Frost from Robert Frost Reads The Poems Of Robert Frost (Decca DL 9033, Mono, 1957). I was already paying before I realized they'd just charged me $10 for this one album. So I hope you enjoy it.

5. Snowfall by The Guitars, Inc. from Soft And Subtle (Warner Bros BS 1246, Stereo, 1959). Now I know I've shared out this one, and I probably shared out their Christmas LP at one time, though probably not anymore. Many of these things are available digitally now, so no more sharing.

6. Midnight Sleighride From "Lieutenant Kije" (After Prokofief) by The United States Navy Band-Lieutenant Commander Anthony A. Mitchell, USN, Leader from A Musical Salute To You-Zero Defect Presentation Record (Naval Air Systems Command (AIR-5024) For The Naval Material Command Zero Defects Program XSV 124950/124951, Stereo). Well, I'm sure I've never shared this before. Never even seen it before. I thought it was a budget record, but it appears to be a freebie given to contractors (or someone similar) for participation in some sort of quality control program.  Neat record, neat music.

And that's it for tonight, a nice little selection.  Enjoy!



Buster said...

Quite a good selection, I'd say! I wonder if I have that Chubby-Bobby record. I like both of 'em!

luckymike said...

Hi Ernie, Merry Christmas in July! It just hit me that yesterday was July 25th - and I thought, "Haven't visited Ernie's place since last xmas - I'll bet he's shared a little something". Wow, you didn't disappoint. Thanks from my heart for all the fun and music you share with us all. See you again when it tis the Season!

Ernie said...

Buster-It's a good record, they get on well together. Doesn't appear to have ever come out in stereo, though.

LuckyMike-Welcome back. Still a few surprises left this month, don't go away just yet!

luckymike said...

I just knew you had more up your sleeve to bring down the chimney for we fans of Christmas in July. Did that even make any sense?? LOL Thanks once more, Ernie!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that the Rydell/Checker track is on the new Bear Family comp "Here Comes Santa Claus"

Ernie said...

I'm sure they were hipped to the track by my post!

aquaboy said...

Thanks! Looks like the digital release of Guitars, Inc. Guitars at Christmas has disappeared from Amazon and other distributors. Maybe it's ok to share it again.