Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stereo Harp

The good Captain over at The Christmas Yuleblog shared out a Christmas record today that featured the harp as the primary instrument. In fact, on his share, it's the only instrument. That inspired me to share out this stereo update to something I brought you last year. (In fact, if for whatever reason you still want the mono, be my guest...). I was surprised at how much better this record sounded once I found a stereo copy. I think you might actually be able to enjoy it now. Last year, I didn't like it, and wrote it off as something less than worthwhile, but this year I encourage you to go get it! So here's The Rainbow Sound Of Bianco, His Harp And Orchestra-Joy To The World-Everybody's Favorite Christmas Music (RCA Victor CSP-104, 1962). I think this was released in conjunction with Reader's Digest or something. For more details, go see the Captain's review.

If you want more Christmas harp, there were a couple of tracks released here during Christmas in July. Go here and here. Oh, and here, too.


  1. Gotta love that STEREO sound though!
    Thanks for the upgrade Ern!


  2. I've got enough new music (to me) to extend Christmas thru the rest of this week!! ;) I love the harp, thank you and Merry Christmas!!


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