Sunday, December 10, 2006

25 Days Of Christmas-Day 10

When I started out putting together the tracks for my online CD, 25 Days of Christmas, I had no idea what direction it was going to take. But so far, it seems to be a compendium of tracks from singles, or single tracks from non-holiday albums. I don't like the idea of throwing in tracks from albums you've just downloaded from me, that sort of seems like it's a waste of your time. Which isn't to say I'm not going to do that, it's just something I'm trying to avoid. Maybe if there's something in a download that's really great, and I want to really highlight it, I'll share it out on this comp. But that's all down the road. Today's share falls under the category of holiday track from a non-holiday album. I shared out a whole bunch of these back during Christmas In July (112 tracks in all!), but I somehow missed this one from the great Billy May. When it comes to big band, I don't think Billy could do any wrong. And here's a track you can add to his meager, yet fabulous, holiday cannon. Go get Billy May-March Of The Toys from Hey It's May (Pickwick PC-3010). I know it's Pickwick, which means it's a reissue of something else, but this is all I have. And I only have a mono copy. Anybody got a stereo version they want to share? Even in mono, this is one cracker of a track!

So, how's everybody enjoying the compilation so far? I haven't heard too many comments on these tracks. I know I'm getting a lot of downloads on them , though, so somebody must be enjoying it.

Previous tracks:
The Davis Sisters-The Christmas Boogie
Anna Russell-Please Santa Claus

Kathy Dunn-Santaville
The Williams Brothers-The Holiday Season
The Ed Sullivan Orchestra-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
The Banjo Barons-Jolly Old St. Nick & Jingle Bells
Johnny Brandon-Santa Claus, Jr.
Johnny Mathis-Have Reindeer, Will Travel

The Crew-Cuts-Twinkle Toes


  1. The Ed Sullivan Orch track is my favorite. If you've got any other 60s "now sound"-style Xmas stuff up yer sleeves, I certainly wouldn't say no!

  2. I've downloaded them all, but haven't listened to them yet. I'll probably wait until I have them all and burn them to a CD. Your "25 Days Of Christmas" and's "ADVENTure In Carols" will be my Christmas Day soundtracks. I trust your judgement that they are all good.

  3. Ernie,

    I'm sure enjoying them. Thanks for selecting them and making them available. I used Henri Rene's version of this song for my sons' first Christmas compilation this year. I think that was actually the song that inspired me to do it in the first place.

    Are you going to make the 25 songs available as a single download at some point? I think I've missed a couple.


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