Thursday, December 31, 2020

43-Happy New Year

At first I was going to throw this up tomorrow on New Year's Day, but I figure it wouldn't do you any good after most of the big day had passed. Then I thought about doing it at midnight local time, but who's going to be checking the blog then? So I'm throwing it up now while there are still a few hours before the big celebrations at midnight. That'll leave you plenty of time to give a listen to this excellent collection of songs about the New Year that aren't Auld Lang Syne (those were all in the last post). Some really excellent stuff in here, I was proud of quite a few finds here. There's some dialect humor, some spoken word, a Hawaiian selection, polkas, you name it. I will point you towards one selection that you may think is out of place, and that's the Harmonicats selection called The Record Ban Blues. It references a very special New Year's night many years ago that you may not know the back story to, but it's neat to record collectors ("With Some Rhythm Accompaniment..."). Oh, and yet another sound effects record! I tell you, it's all here.  Big kudos to the folks at The Internet Archive who's collection I plundered for these records. I hope you have a great night, and may 2021 be a whole heap better than 2020!  Enjoy!


Update-5 Jan 2023-Added a tracklist for searchability.

1. Archie Anderson-A Guid New Year To Ane An' A'
2. Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra And Chorus-Bob Senn, Soloist-Happy New Year
3. Stahls Kapelle (Stahl's Band)-Peter Stahl, Director-Neujahrs Gruss-Walzer (New Year's Greeting-Waltz)
4. Nicola Paone And His Gang-New Year Song
5. Raymond Scott Quintet-New Year's Eve In A Haunted House
6. Roy Milton And His Solid Senders-New Year's Resolution
7. Prince's Orchestra-Ringing The Old Year Out
8. Jerry Murad's Harmonicats With Some Rhythm Accompaniment In 1947, Narration By Jim Ameche-The Record Ban Blues
9. The Oklahoma Wranglers, Vocal Refrain By Skeeter Willis-Unhappy New Year
10. Margaret Whiting With Frank DeVol And His Orchestra-What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
11. Red Ingle And The Natural Seven-Vocal By The MAD Madrigal Singers-Git Up Off'n The Floor, Hannah! (Or A Bitter New Year's Eve)
12. Ted Black Orchestra-Vocal: Dick Edwards-Happy New Year, Darling
13. Jeffrey Clay, The Serenaders And Gus Dana-Happy New Year
14. Genoa Keawe's Polynesians With Johnny Almeida's Hawaiians-Hauoli Maka Hiki Hou! Happy New Year!
15. John Laurenz With Orchestra And Vocal Accompaniment-My Best To You
16. Franklyn MacCormack With Herbert Foote At The Organ-My New Year's Wish For You
17. Eddie "Piano" Miller With Rhythm Accompaniment-New Year Medley: Oh Dem Golden Slippers; Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here; Hand Me Doen My Walking Cane
18. Warsaw Dance Orchestra-New Year-Polka
19. Archie Anderson-The Year That's Awa'
20. Charlie Spivak And His Orchestra-Vocal Refrain By Tommy Mercer And Irene Day-What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
21. Standard Sound Effect-New Year's Celebration-Street Crowd
22. Standard Sound Effect-New Year's Celebration-Cafe Crowd


  1. Good stuff - That record ban 78 looks like it could be a gem.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Cool collection! I'll bet the Roy Milton 78 goes for more than 79 cents these days...

  3. Happy New Year to both of you! Thanks for all your support in the past year!


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