Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back For More

Some little rabbit told me this sculpture was back in town, but this weekend was the first chance I'd had to get down there and see for myself. Sure enough, they've brought back Unconditional Surrender by Seward Johnson to the Sarasota Bayfront. Technically, this isn't the same sculpture that was here before. The earlier one was a styrofoam model, and this one is a finished aluminum piece. It also looks a little smaller to me, but that may just be my eyes and my memory letting me down.


Anonymous said...

the nurse in the original picture is still alive. she is in her 90s and is puckering up again tomrrow for Veteran's Day!

Ernie said...

I saw that, but took it with a grain of salt. Several women over the years have claimed to be that girl, and several men have claimed to be the sailor. I don't know how you'd prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt, but more power to her if it's really her!

johnny dollar said...

just talking out of my ass, but if the aluminum sculpture was cast based on a model cast from the styrofoam sculpture mold, i would think that the process of modeling and metal shrinking might lead to a "smaller" sculpture.

ass --> talking.

happy vet's day all!

Anonymous said...

They have a permanent statue like that in San Diego: