Monday, December 23, 2019

God On TV 2 Part 2

Just when you thought I was done, here's a second album from Rex Humbard and his Cathedral of Tomorrow gang. Not nearly so long as the first one, this was actually the one I recorded first and didn't realize it was part 2 until I was tagging the tracks. Of course then I had to go track down the first one, but found the Robert Schuller in the meantime, so that's how we wound up with this little set of TV preachers this year. Always a story behind how these things happen, even if it's just random chance.  Not much of a story, I suppose, but a story. More music on this one, and less spoken word, so if that's your preference, this record is for you.  This is Rex Humbard And The Cathedral Of Tomorrow Staff-Rex Humbard's Christmas Album Volume II (Rex Humbard A4RS-4550/4551, Stereo).  Just like the other two, this one comes in a mailing envelope. This particular copy was mailed to an address in Canada as you'll see in the scan. I go to great lengths for the records I share around here! It looks like there is a little confusion about the title. I maybe should have changed it to match the first one, but I didn't. Oh well...

1. Introduction
2. O Come All Ye Faithful
3. Away In A Manger
4. The First Noel
5. Christmas
6. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
7. In A Manger Long Ago
8. O Holy Night
9. Joy To The World
10. Christmas Message Part 1
11. Seeking For Me
12. Christmas Message Part 2
13. The Prince Of Peace
14. Christmas Message Part 3
15. Do You Know The Prince Of Peace



jelawmo said...

Thanks for the Rex Humbard! He and Maude Aimee (his wife) were staples of my childhood; my grandmother loved them. I just got a Humbard Christmas lp at the flea market (free because the clerk noticed it was warped) and it seems to be different than these two you've posted. Rex was busy. Thanks again, for this and everything else.

Kwork said...

Thank you so much!