Thursday, December 26, 2019

Canadian Noël

Time for a little more organ music, this time from our friends to the North. I was excited to find this double album sometime in the past year, but I was a little less excited when I discovered I had already shared out one of the two albums they combined to make this double pack. Well, they didn't include the whole album, only ten of the twelve tracks made the cut. I suspect they omitted two tracks from the other album they used as well, so I need to keep an eye out for that one.  But this is a good overview of the organ style of Mr. Hétu if you aren't familiar with his work. It's pretty good stuff, as these things go.  Not the best, not the worst, but firmly in the middle. And there are plenty of holiday classics here that don't often get a nice workout on the organ.  Download this and give it a listen, maybe save it for next year if your Christmas is over already.  This is Lucien Hétu-20 Succès Souvenir De Noël Avec Lucien Hétu (RCA Gala (Canada) 2xLP KTL2-7026, Stereo, 1974).

1. Minuit Chrétiens
2. Jésus De Nazareth
3. Symphonie De Noël
4. Adeste Fideles
5. Miracles De Noël
6. L'Enfant Au Tambour (Little Drummer Boy)
7. Le Père Noël S'En Vient (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)
8. Valse Des Patieurs (Skaters Waltz)
9. Quand Il Neige (Let It Snow)
10. Il Est Minuit (Le Noel Des Petits Oiseaux)
11. Dans L'Temps Du Jour De L'An
12. Tour De Cariole
13. Katia (Il Peut Neiger)
14. Mets Tes Petits Souliers
15. Nos Vieilles Maisons
16. Le P'Tit Renne Au Nez Rouge (Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer)
17. Noël Blanc
18. Promenade En Traineau (Sleigh Ride)
19. Vive Le Vent (Jingle Bells)
20. J'Ai Vu Maman Et Le Père Noël (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)



  1. Thanks, Ernie! Hope your Xmas festivities were enjoyable. After bringing home leftovers from one gathering, and hosting the Day myself, I'm considering a Food Chart to map out my consumption over the next week. ; ]

  2. I very much enjoyed the first Hetu album you shared, so I'm extra happy to have more! Thank you, for the umpteenth time.

  3. My family enjoyed the original Hetu album over Christmas. Thank you for the expanded set, that will be programmed for next year.

  4. Right now it's Saturday the 28th; it's only the fourth day of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Christmas ain't over 'til it's over!


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