Sunday, December 02, 2012

Singles Sunday #14-Disco 12 Inch

I can't remember the last time I brought you a disco 12", if ever. Perhaps my brain is just failing me right now from having brought you so many singles today. But maybe I never have.  Oh, I know, Charo.  But she's not something I can share anymore, so this record will have to do.  I ripped this last year, but never had the opportunity to share it before now.  From just before the peak and collapse of the disco era, and from one of the great labels of that time, this is Memphis Sounds Orchestra-Sleigh Ride b/w Winter Wonderland (RSO 12" 33 RPM PRO 014, Stereo, 1976).  Get down with it!



petlod said...

Ok, this is synchronicity at its finest...was totally wondering if anyone had uploaded the 12" version of this. I have the 45 and "Winter Wonderland" is a guilty pleasure...I used it as a hidden bonus track on a mix a decade ago.

Ernie said...

Are the 45 versions any different from the ones on the 12"? They weren't really all that long, seemed like they would fit on a 45 with a little bit of compression. You must have some nice record stores up in the Big Apple. Every where I looked when I visited was super expensive, but I was limited to lower Manhattan where water was more than a dollar an ounce, so it's probably not a fair comparison.

petlod said...

Both 45 versions are shorter - Sleigh Ride runs 2:54 and Winter Wonderland runs was intended for radio play and the 12" was intended for disco DJs.

And yes, we have a few good stores that aren't too expensive (my favorite are the three Academy Records branches), but then there are a number that are overpriced. I don't bother doing the charity stores as I presume they get picked over regularly, but maybe I should.

KL from NYC said...

Thanks. I am not one of those who hate dance music, so I'm looking forward to this.

BTW, I'm in NYC and even Academy is overpriced by outside-of-NYC standards. There was one independent record store on St Marks Place (one of the last still operating in NYC) which had crates of $1-$2 LPs, but no more.
I always envy all the vinyl collectors who can go crate digging at thrift stores and find gems for $1 that are in good condition.