Friday, December 07, 2012

Westminster Three

The third part of tonight's Westminster-palooza features what may be the ugliest Christmas LP cover of the season, if not all-time.  I don't know how to describe it, it's just bad.  Did one of the kids on the album draw this?  I'm scared to pull up the rear cover and look.  I'm not sure where or when I got this album, but I know that I've had it for many years now.  I tried to record it some years back, only to discover that someone had taken something very similar to a key and scratched the second side very, very badly.  Prior to this year, every time I tried to play that side, all I got was a whole pile of skips.  I gave it another shot this year, and what do you know, it played!  So remember that if you have some record that's really rare but won't play.  Different players and needles track differently, and what may be a lost cause on your record player might play fine elsewhere. Enough blathering, what's the record sound like?  Well, it's kids singing, they all sound pretty much the same.  So if you want to listen to that, please download American Children Sing Christmas Carols (Westminster WP 6025, Mono, 1956).  There are 24 tracks on this thing, and I really don't feel like typing them all in.  The groups featured include Brooklyn Museum Children's Chorus-Conducted By John Motley, Jan Hus Children's Choir-Conducted By Elyse Blodgett, Queen's Children's Chorus-Conducted By Carl Koop, Junior Choir Of The Second Spanish Evangelical Church Of New York-Conducted By Barbara Horan And Stanley Morgan and La Chorale Du Lycée Francais De New York-Conducted By Sylvia Durieux.



Tanktop said...

Thank you Ernie:)

...oh lord,...I think that one in the middle is Marcy...(!)

ChrisP said...

Here's the track list for those who may want it...

1. Joy To The World (English) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
2. Narodil Se Kristus Pan (Czech) - Jan Hus Choir
3. Stille Nacht (German) - Queens Chorus
4. Voces Varias (Spanish) - Spanish Evangelical Church Choir
5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (English) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
6. Les Agnes Dans Nos Campagnes (French) - Chorale du Lycée Francais
7. Vesela Koleda (Czech) - Jan Hus Choir
8. Las Velitas De Navidad (Spanish) - Spanish Evangelical Church Choir
9. The First Noel (English) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
10. O Du Fröliche (German) - Queens Chorus
11. Nesem Vam Noviny (Czech) - Jan Hus Choir
12. Deck The Halls (English) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
13. Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant (French) - Chorale du Lycée Francais
14. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (English) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
15. Chtic Aby Spal (Czech) - Jan Hus Choir
16. Am Weihnachtsbaum (German) - Queens Chorus
17. Good King Wenceslas (English) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
18. El Niño Jesús (Spanish) - Spanish Evangelical Church Choir
19. Sel Bych Rád K Beltemu (Czech) - Jan Hus Choir
20. O Come All Ye Faithful (English & German) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
21. Noel Nouvelet (French) - Chorale du Lycée Francais
22. Weihnachtsglocken (German) - Queens Chorus
23. Coventry Carol (English) - Brooklyn Museum Chorus
24. Co To Znamená (Czech) - Jan Hus Choir

Buster said...

That cover is enough to put anyone off Christmas. Two of them look like they have the pox.

PDMan said...

Sometimes the albums that are in the worst shape clean up the best. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I rather like the cover. It has to have been done by a child, and I like the naivete and bright colorfulness.