Saturday, December 08, 2012

Oh Canada

I ripped this record last year in hopes of sharing it out, but never made it. I ran out of time and energy long before the end of the season last year, and an awful lot of albums were left in a folder on my hard drive with no artwork.  So I've revisited that pile a few times this year in hopes of bringing you more of the best of lost Christmas music.  Unfortunately, this probably could have stayed lost and no one would have much minded.  You can look at the cover of this and that's pretty much what you're getting.  They couldn't even get all four song titles correct.  What first drew me to this release was that it's on the same Canadian label that brought us the great Christmas At The Red Lion (and that's even listed on the back side).  But there's nothing nearly so cool on this record.  But it's nice filler.  Maybe there's something on here you like, so I won't speak further ill of it.  This is The Embassy Chorale And Soloists-Little Drummer Boy And Other Christmas Hits (Arc AC 4, Mono).

1. Little Drummer Boy
2. Mary's Boy Child
3. Little Donkey
4. Away In The Manger
5. Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl
6. The Village Of St. Bernadette
7. White Christmas
8. Jingle Bells
9. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
10. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
11. The Twelve Days Of Christmas
12. Bless This House



fixxitt In Georgia said...

Pulled already? Three hours after posting must be a record (no pun intended)
Merry Merry & Happy Happy!

ChrisP said...

It looks like this LP was re-released by Arc as AC-23 -- a stereo version with new cover art...

Kwork said...

Hahahaha. Thanks. Mediafire says it's best un-heard as they've already denied access to it.