Sunday, December 16, 2007

Go USA-Part One

I've done a few theme Sundays in a row now, and today is going to follow in that tradition. I'm throwing up a series of albums recorded by the various branches of the US military (mostly the Air Force) back in the sixties and seventies. I think these were issued to radio stations to help put a positive spin on the military experience at a time when the US was not having the best experience fighting a foreign war. These albums feature performances that were often unique to these albums and not heard since their initial release. There are some tracks that just introduce common Christmas songs, but there aren't too many of those. This particular album features a twenty-some-odd minute performance in the studio by Eddy Arnold and The Jordanaires of Christmas songs and hymns that are really nice. Side two features Christmas greetings from artists as diverse as The Supremes, Wayne Newton, Mel Torme, Sandler & Young and Robert Goulet. I think you're really going to enjoy this record, and the rest of them in the series today. Go download Eddy Arnold Sings Christmas/Find Yourself A Star (US Air Force Public Service Programs).


Anonymous said...

Paul Cz,19.12.O7, thank you very much. Arnold is certainly COUTRY MAN, like several others, the first AUTRY,than Lorne Green, etc. Come on on 2008.

Dave said...

I just now found this doing a search for this LP on Google. I found one just now on ebay for $8.,00, and I wanted to be sure if I would be able to find it cheaper or not.

I also have the USAF Sandler & Young/Free Design LP. If you ever decide to resahre this series you can share it as well.

Thanks again,