Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good And Bad

Which record would you rather have in your collection? The one above or the one below? If you're like me, and you make the mistake of judging a record by it's cover, you'd buy the one below 99 out of 100 times. Well, last year I bought the one below, and I was disappointed. Not only was the music bland and boring, the record was work out and I got terrible sound off of it. I shared it out last year, but I promised a newer, cleaner, stereo-er copy, and today I make good on that promise. But you are going to have to live with the uglier cover, because that's the way it comes. You can still download the version from the great cover, but it comes with poor music. The ugly cover is better sounding versions of the same music, but that cover... OK, I'll shut up now. Just go download The John McCarthy Chorale-The Greatest Songs of Christmas (RCA Music Service R114285, 1973). They re-sequenced it, too. This seems to have been a record that was only marketed through RCA's record club, so they are pretty few and far between. It's hard to believe that this is the same John McCarthy who was responsible for so many of those great Line Material titles. I guess you never can tell.


wich2 said...

Ernie, love your site & appreciate the efforts.

I actually like the McCarthy cuts I've heard on the RD collection, and wondered if you could repost this, or o/w get the file to me?


Ernie said...

There's a newer repost from this year, I think.

wich2 said...

Thanks! That worked.

Oddly, NEITHER collection contains the songs I know from the RD set - Mr. Mc. musta been a busy guy!