Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCCXXI-Christmas 2007

I recently stumbled across an LP copy of Lena Horne's Merry From Lena (United Artists UAS 6546, 1966), one that had eluded me for many years. I suspect it finally popped up because of a quality CD re-release this year. I'd had it on a budget CD for some years, but I'm always excited about getting stuff on the original vinyl. Unfortunately, I have to keep looking, because this isn't quite the original vinyl. Check out the doodle above. Now compare it to this one and this one. Notice how those are very similar and from records on the same label, yet they are in color. I've got later re-issues of those other LPs, and sure enough, the doodles have turned to B&W. So I need to keep looking.

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