Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thermonuclear Family

I don't know what that post title is supposed to mean. I couldn't come up with something cute in a hurry, and I got hung up on the nuclear family idea, and out popped thermonuclear. Which is now making me think of Weird Al's Christmas At Ground Zero. And that is about as far removed from the music on this record as you're going to get without involving Trent Reznor somehow. OK, I'm rambling. Let me just throw this share from last year up again, and tell you that it's got it's high points and it's low points. OK? Go download Henri Rene-Home For Christmas, A Joyous Evening Of Yuletide Songs (RCA Victor CSP-109, 1964). I need to get more sleep... (And what's the deal with RCA giving this a Columbia-style catalog number? That's only a little confusing.)


Inkydog said...

Why are all the females on this cover leaning? It gives me vertigo.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Ernie! First let me express my pleasure with your blog. I've been checking each day for new updates and enjoy some of the history you share. I'm a huge easy-listening fan because that was always on the radio as I was growing up. It's nice to know that someone even younger than I enjoys the musical talents as well and it's history.

I think the Columbia look-a-like number was used by those recordings that were exclusively offered through the RCA Record Club. As you know, Henri Rene was an RCA artist. I have a few record club exclusives that all begin with CSP.

Thanks again for your time on the blog and the great musical shares. They bring back fond memories.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours and best wishes for a Happy 'bloggin' New Year!