Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Disco Revenge

You folks are so, so lucky. You don't know how close you came to getting this as the next track on 26 Days Of Christmas. But I got the thinking about it, imagining that you might actually want to listen to that collection once in a while, and this just wouldn't fit in at all. I mean, it's filled with happy Christmas songs from days gone by, and then I drop in a 5 minute thumping disco track. Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon. So I decided to just throw this one up all by itself. It's not too bad, really, for disco. I guess because it's early disco, not the later stuff. Go grab a copy of Moonlion-The Little Drummer Boy-Disco Version (Pickwick International Productions 7" 45 RPM PDJ-6513, 1975). Now go shake your groove thang.


  1. I noticed it's arranged by Irving Spice...could he be the father or uncle of the Spice Girls? ; )


  2. I may have mentioned this before at this blog or another, but my mom worked at the Pickwick Records pressing plant in Hauppauge, Long Island, NY back in the 70's/80's. I worked there one summer for about 2 weeks. One of the worst jobs I ever had! PVC (the vinyl) smells real bad in a pressing plant.

    She used to bring home a lot of this stuff and even then I had no idea who the intended market was!

    Anyway, the label says "Ultrasonic Productions", my guess it was recored at Ultrasonic Studios in Hempstead, NY, just a few blocks from the Long Island Rail Road station downtown.

    It's not there anymore, but some of you might recall a guy named Billy Joel who recorded an album called Turnstiles there. Also, WLIR-FM did a few live radio concerts there, including a great one by Big Star.

  3. Been a long time, but I figured I'd put up a new link for you.


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