Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Flexible Christmas

This is the second Christmas flexi-disc I've shared with you this season. I didn't have this one when I shared the first, or I would have saved them up and posted them together. This one came to you as "A Holiday Wish From Pizza Hut And Your Favorite Radio Station". The singer sounds a little like John Denver, but isn't. See if you can eat a whole large deep-dish meat lover's and download Walt Woodward-A Children's Christmas (Eva-Tone Red 6" 33 RPM Flexidisc 1120785XS, 1978). Just the one track on there, I'm afraid, but what do you expect for free? Google is surprisingly quiet on this one. Anybody remember this from '78?


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I think this song is so beautiful. I am afraid my flexidisc has seen better days, but the song is amazing. I am glad I am not the only one out there that knows the song.

Anonymous said...

Love this song! Walt Woodward was my neighbor in Rocky River when I was a kid. He gave us a (non-flexdisc) 45rpm with beautiful cover-art as a Christmas gift one year. I still bring it out each Christmas for a listen.