Friday, December 21, 2007

Harkin' And Swingin'

Here is another great record from the archives, one I shared in 2005 and again in 2006 with you. I didn't think it would be much when I first picked it up, I just liked the cover with those guys in the snow. The front and the back covers are the same, and that's usually the sign of a really poor album. But I was really wrong on this one. How this hasn't made it to the world of CD, I'll never know. Go download The World's Greatest Jazzband Of Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart-Hark The Herald Angels Swing (World Jazz WJLP 5-2, 1972) now! You'll be glad you did.


DarcyPennell said...

from the album cover I thought this was going to be cheesy, but it's great! (NOt that those two words are mutually exclusive.) They're not kidding, they really do swing. Thanks for posting this one!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget a mention of Ira Ironstrings, if listeners like the WGJB. Wait, it's two days before Christmas... you've worked hard enough ... let this comment be the reminder to others to look for Ira Ironstrongs on the Collector's Choice reissue.

risser said...

Ira Ironstrings rocks. Go buy it! Big Tiny Little rocks. And this one rocks awesomely as well.