Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Are you cold enough for you yet this winter? It's in the high 70's here in Florida, and we're lovin' it! If you need a little bit of tropical Christmas cheer, go The Surfers-Christmas From Hawaii (HiFi R410, 1959). They're guaranteed to warm you right up and make you feel like you're relaxing on a beach with a pina colada in one hand and a pink Christmas tree in the other. Or something like that... This is a rerun from 2005 and 2006, so you may have it already. But if not, don't miss it!

Update (13 Oct 08): This one is now available as a legal download! So go get it! Here's a link to Amazon, but it's also available elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ernie--

Thanks for all the shares. We especially like this one! We got it last year, and it's become a favorite.

I notice on your Flickr site that you have another Hawaiian album - Christmas on Kauai. Is that one any good? Any chance you'll be sharing it this year?


Anonymous said...

From Paul Cz Prague l7.35 ,22.l2.O7, the tack 05 "Hawaiian Santa", is super. There's only one thing what I ' m thinking now about that people. Do They want to be there or here, and we want to be there ? What do you think about it ERNIE. Salut 2008.

risser said...

Another one of the best Christmas albums ever from last year. Yay!

HaarFager said...

This album is so good, I even burned five copies for my mother! Well, actually just one, but she liked it. If your readers like Hawaiian music, they should check out the Hawaiian Eye radio program: