Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Double Flexible Christmas

This the third flexi-disc I've brought to you this year, and it's more interesting than the last. This one is clear, and double sided! I don't know that I've seen many two sided flexi-discs. They packed 13 minutes of music onto this baby, which is pretty meaty for one of these. I'm picturing a bunch of UAW members being plucked off the assembly line to sing in this chorus, but that's probably not the case. Not enough basso-profundo for that. Please download and give a listen to Songs Of Christmas By The General Motors Chorus (Eva-Tone 7" 33 RPM Clear Flexi Disc). I love how the track titles for the songs on side two are printed in reverse. Oh, and how the word employees is spelled 'employes'. That's why Quality was job 1 over at Ford. There was a similar flexi shared out in the forums over at last year, but it's long gone and I can't find my copy. This one may be different because it has 9 tracks, and that one was described as having 10. I won't know for sure until I can find my download of that from last year.


Inkydog said...

I have that other GM Flexi, Ernie. I've posted it for you at

Ernie said...

Sounds like it's the same one. Thanks for sending that one over.

Muff Diver said...

Ernie, will you please reup this file? Thank you!!