Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Becomes Electronic

One of my most popular shares, ever. Period, bar none. This is it. A month or so ago I found a book called The Complete Christmas Book by Franklin Watts, originally published in 1958. I imagined it would be full of cool 1950s Christmas stuff, and I wasn't disappointed. If I posted doodles from books, this one would last me several dozen Christmas seasons. But what interested me most was a small section called Christmas On Records. It's only about 8 pages out of a 300+ page book, but I found what I was after. Among a list and short description of mostly classical records, there was a short review of Christmas Becomes Electric. "This record could be a harbinger of standard Christmas fare in the twenty-first century." So, here we are in the 21st century, sharing electronic versions of electric Christmas music. How does this compare to standard Christmas music of the day? (Before you ask, this seems to be a revised edition of the book, issued sometime after the 1969 release date of the record.) If you didn't get this last year, or the year before that, please be my guest and download The Moog Machine-Christmas Becomes Electric (Columbia CS 9959, 1969).


eyeheart said...

please tell me about the site that your download links link TO... :1

Ernie said...

Try downloading this from a newer post.