Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Sharity Recap 2006-Week Two

Wow! What a week it's been around here. Things have really taken off. I hope you're all enjoying the music, I know I am. I do occasionally record some stuff I don't like, but most of the time I record these records because I thought they were interesting, or sounded good, or at least had a cool cover. And lots of you have been sharing your records with me, which I appreciate. Every time I think I've heard it all, somebody comes along and shows me just how wrong I am. So, let me get down to the business of this post, which is to recap all the shares from this season up to today. I'm give you the name of the record, a link to the original post, label it if it's a rerun from last year, and then a little number to show you how many times a particular share has been downloaded. This way you can keep track of all the stuff I've thrown out there (I don't want you to miss something good), and see how popular certain items are.

Week The Second:

Merry Christmas From... (rerun) (76)
Dennis Day-Christmas Is For The Family (rerun) (56)
Holiday People-Holiday Disco (59)
Max Fagen-Christmas Disco Party (79)
Warner Bros Stars-We Wish You A Merry Christmas (155)
Ephrem Zimbalist, Jr.-Adeste Fidelis (34)
Walter Schumann-The Voices Of Christmas (rerun) (55)
Mitch Miller-Be A Santa (50)
Cyril Stapleton-Children's Christmas Album (rerun) (38)
Ethel Smith-Christmas Music (20)
Godfrey Malcolm & Fredrico-Chimes Of Christmas (46)
Menudo-Feliz Navidad (rerun) (30)
Jose Melis-Christmas With Melis (85)
Charo-(Mamcita) Donde Esta Santa Claus (rerun) (102)
Bruce Woodman-Christmas Carols With A Latin Lilt (44)
60 French Girls & The Christmas Bell Ringers-Joyeaux Noel (rerun) (63)
Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart-Hark The Herald Angels Swing (rerun) (43)
William Clauson-Canciones De Navidad (25)
Natal No Brasil (32)
The Snap-On Male Chorus-Carols Of Christmas (rerun) (33)
A Kimball Christmas (rerun) (28)
Christmas Classics 1963 (49)
Frank Chacksfield-Music For A Merry Christmas (60)
The Three Suns-Christmas Party (rerun) (44)
The Three Suns-Your Christmas Favorites (rerun) (34)
The Three Suns-The Sounds Of Christmas (rerun) (50)
The Three Suns-Raggin' The Scales (25)
Lester Lanin-Christmas Dance Party (55)
A Christmas Sampler (rerun) (18)
Dick Leibert-Sing And Rejoice (rerun) (11)
Dick Leibert-The Sound Of Christmas (rerun) (24)
Dick Leibert-The Happy Hits Of Christmas (rerun) (21)
Dick Leibert-A Merry Wurlitzer Christmas (20)
Buddy Cole-The Organ Plays At Christmas (4)
Buddy Cole At The Pipe Organ-Pipes And Chimes For Christmas (3)

Week The First:

Ray Conrad-The Cotton Pickin' Lift Tower (20)
Six Family Mountain-Takin' A Ride With The Wind (12)
Spencer Ross-Thanksgiving Day Parade (Rerun) (22)
The Merriest Of Christmas Pops (94)
Fred Waring-Twas The Night Before Christmas (Rerun) (80)
Fred Waring-Nutcracker Suite (49)
Pete Fountain-Candy Clarinet (Rerun) (18)
David Wayne Narrates The Little Star Of Bethlehem (27)
Eddie Layton-Organ Music For Christmas (53)
Mike Douglas-My Kind Of Christmas (Rerun) (80)
Sammy Kaye-Christmas Day With Sammy Kaye (85)
Sammy Kaye-Christmas Serenade (65)
Sammy Kaye-Year 'Round Favorites (35)
The Moog Machine-Christmas Becomes Electric (Rerun, Remastered) (113)
Avon Campaign 21 (Rerun) (33)
Danny Robinson-Deck The Halls (49)
Buddy & Bunny Burden-Christmas Favorites (Rerun) (28)
A Family Christmas Album (47)
Slim Boyd-Christmas Country Style (83)
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (Rerun) (102)

Hoo-boy, that's a lot a' sharin'! Ya'll stick around though, we're less than halfway to the big day!

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