Sunday, December 03, 2006

25 Days Of Christmas-Day 3

Day three and I'm still going strong on the track-a-day Christmas compilation. Today is another track from a 45 I found during the year. This seems to have been inspired by the success of Alvin, Simon and Theodore. It uses the same tape-speed effects as that hit, and even name-checks Alvin! Other celebrities who get their due in here include Elvis, Kookie, Connie, Fabian and Duane. The sound is a little rough, but so was the record. If you know anything else about this record, please let me know! This may be an old song, just jazzed up with some timely references. I'm still checking on it. Please download and save Johnny Brandon With The Eliot Glen Orchestra-Santa Claus, Jr. (Laurie 3042).

Update: I think this is the orginal. The other version I found of this track credits Brandon as the writer, so it must be the cover, not the other way around.

Previous tracks:
Johnny Mathis-Have Reindeer, Will Travel
The Crew-Cuts-Twinkle Toes


Anonymous said...

Not really any extra info but there is a copy with picture sleeve on ebay at the moment maybe the seller would have some extra info on it?

Ernie said...

I've found that sellers often know little to nothing about what they're offering. That auction is just for the sleeve, by the way. I don't think I'm going to pay $5 for it. Cute, though.