Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Skitch In Time

Would you look at that? Another terrible pun. I gotta stop that. Our next share is just a giant picture of Mitch Miller. No, wait, that's not Mitch... The artist in this next share should be a lot more popular than he is. Skitch Henderson was a bandleader for The Tonight Show long before Doc Severinsen came along. Yet he's barely remembered today. I was pretty excited when I stumbled across this LP, as I wasn't sure if Skitch had ever actually recorded a Christmas LP. I'd only seen his holiday tracks on various artists efforts before this. Unfortunately, it's only half a Christmas album. Side two is about the other kind of holiday, along the lines of vacation. So I left those tracks out for now. I did throw in a version of 'We Need A Little Christmas' from A Very Merry Christmas-Volume Two (Columbia Special Products For Grants CSS-788, 1968), a record made by Columbia for Grants department store. That gets this share up to eight tracks, which is good enough. Some of the music on Winter Holiday is classical, since he does share billing with the New York Philharmonic on this release, but you'll still enjoy it. It's stuff that sounds quite seasonal, but you don't hear it every day. But enough blathering. If you want more info, you'll have to wait for the Captain to review it next year. Here's Skitch Henderson With The New York Philharmonic-Winter Holiday (Columbia MS 6381, 1962), in glorious stereo!

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