Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dick Leibert Day-Part Three

Now we get to the top of the hill. As I explained last year, this is the album that really showcases the style of Dick Liebert. Or at least the aspects of his style that I enjoy. As the title implies, these songs are fun! Trust me, you need to go right this second and download Dick Leibert At The Console-The Happy Hits Of Christmas (Christmas Evergreens Played On The Radio City Music Hall Organ) (RCA Victor LSP-2771, 1963). You're not going to regret it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie, Just wondering if you have shared any more of Dick Liebert's albums? My mothe (who also is a floridian) LOVES him and would give anything to have all of his christmas albums.


Ernie said...

Hi Kent-I think I've shared all but one of Dick Leibert's Christmas albums. Just do a quick search through the blog and you'll see them. (There should be a search box up at the top of the page...)

Anonymous said...

Ernie, you're a god. I thought no one remembered this guy. Dick Leibert is incredible. I grew up listening to his Christmas music, and Christmas is not the same without him!