Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Organ, More Chimes

Whoa, it was an hour long Earl tonight, so I'm terribly behind on my posting. What have I got here? Oh, it's another LP of organ music, this time with chimes! Nothing spectacular here, except that the main honcho behind this record is Leo Addeo, better known for his Hawaiian music than his organ music. He's just the conductor and arranger, though. Someone else actually plays the organ. I had high hopes for this record, such a festive cover. Turns out it's just a bunch of unimaginative medleys. So if any of that sounds at all interesting, go get Leo Addeo With Milton Kaye & Harry Breuer-Organ And Chimes Play Christmas Carols (RCA Camden CAS-726, 1962).


Brad said...

An hour long Earl! Thankfully that's what I have TiVo for.

Ernie said...

My TiVo is broken. I have to watch TV in real time. It's the pits. :( Hope you're feeling better, King.

Anonymous said...

this album brings back very fond memories for me. as a kid, it was the album mom always played while we decorated the christmas tree. thank you so much for time travel.