Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dick Leibert Day-Part Zero

Good morning to everyone out there in Web land! Last Sunday was Sammy Kaye Day, yesterday was Three Suns Day, so that makes today Dick Leibert Day! (My calendar is a little weird...) So that means you're going to get a whole heap of downloads featuring organist extraordinaire, Dick Leibert. The fun starts off a little slow with this compilation from Westminster, featuring a couple of tracks from Mr. Leibert. If this was all you knew of his work, you probably wouldn't go much further into his canon, actually. but trust me, it gets better. There are also tracks on here from Ferrante & Teicher and Basil Rathbone! So start with this: A Christmas Sampler (Westminster WP S-2). This is a rerun from last year, if you want to check out what I said then, or you can check what the Captain had to say about it over at his Yuleblog.

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CaptainOT said...

Thanks for the shoutout Ernie!