Friday, December 08, 2006

The Wright Way, Part 3

While I'm on the subject, let me give you some new music to enjoy. This is another Christmas LP that George Wright put out in 1962, and it's easily as good as his first. This guy probably put out 100 organ LPs in his lifetime, probably carrying the HiFi label on his own at times. I haven't found one yet that I could find something to love on. In fact, there was some single-track George Wright sharity this past summer during Christmas In July, so go get some bonus tracks (1 and 2)! This LP came out on a different label, though, for whatever reason. You know how artists are. Unfortunately, this one's in mono, so I've got something of George's to keep my eye out for during the coming year. Here's George Wright At The Wurlitzer Pipe Organ-Christmas Time (Dot DLP 3479, 1962).


Anonymous said...

This is a great album. I love it. The music you find are treasures to all of us. THANKS! Randy in Minnesota
Ernie, is there a recording you have somewhere of Suzy Snowflake?

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, this is now redirecting to a share that has executables in it (it's pretty obvious from the name it's not the album) and there's a virus in the archive. My Avast detected it before I could even save the archive, but I would have known something was wrong from the file name. (File name is something like Revolution_Engine_8.3_by_Shak3.rar)

Ernie said...

Thanks for the heads up. No idea how that happened. I fixed it, though. There's a stereo version of this LP available here: