Sunday, December 03, 2006

One Pair, Future Full House

As I mentioned earlier this week, I went to see if I could spot the eagles today. I drove by twice, but couldn't see anything. I parked the car anyway, taking a chance that I might be able to see something as I got closer. Sure enough, as I crossed the street, I could see something white near the nest. As I got closer, I could tell there were two birds up there. They've planted some thick shrubbery atop a small hill between the road and this nest, I guess to give the birds some semblance of normalcy. I crawled through the bushes and came out behind another thicket so I couldn't see the nest. I knew I was close, though, because I could see several piles of feathers that looked like the eagles had enjoyed a meal there. I walked around the corner of the thicket, and got the picture above. I got a little closer, and one of the birds flushed, so I decided that I was close enough. But I got a great shot, and now I know that both of the birds have returned for the nesting season. Maybe in the spring I'll try to get out there and shoot the babies.

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