Friday, December 08, 2006

The Famous Pipers

I wanted to throw this share from last year up to help me brag about the fact that The King Of Jingaling from FaLaLaLaLa chose a track off of it for his annual ADVENTures In Carols CD today! I'm so proud. Of course, the lucky devil has a stereo copy of the album, and mine is but a humble mono copy. But it's better than nothing. So if you liked the track shared by the King, download this and hear the rest. Go get Christmas Greetings From The Town Pipers (HiFi R418, 1959). Thanks again, King, for the honor!

Update (13 Oct 08): This one is now available for legal download. And that's a good thing, becuase it means that more of this old Christmas music that we all love is available to a wider audience. Here's the link to Amazon, and it's also available at other legal download sites. Now if I could just get them to look at the Three Suns catalog...

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