Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Boring Christmas Music

Here's another record that held great promise, but turned out to be less than spectacular. Just look at that cover. Who wouldn't buy this? I'd buy two or three copies, just to look at it. Then the listening left something to be desired. And my recording leaves even more to be desired. Seems there is some noise in the louder parts of the recording. I thought it was because I had the levels set too high, but it was always there. So I really shouldn't share this out, but I'm going to anyway, with a promise. I recently found a reissue of this LP from 1973 with a different title, different cover and a different track sequence, but it's in stereo. I'm going to try and get that one recorded and eventually replace this poor copy. But in the meantime, you might want to hear what's on the vinyl. Give a listen to The John McCarthy Chorale-Merry Christmas Sing Along (RCA Victor LPM-2476, 1962, "An RCA Victor Record Club Exclusive"). Two bad records in a row. This is such a let-down after that great Three Suns single. Just try to enjoy the cool covers, I guess.


Brad said...

I was fooled by the promise of this cover as well. When will I learn?

Ernie said...

At least it makes for good inspiration. I can see this art showing up lots of places.

Jeanie said...

I LOVE this cover! I totally used the design as inspiration for a community theater Christmas cast board recently. It is a beaut!