Monday, December 04, 2006


What better to follow up some Christmas bells than some Christmas nuns! Wait, don't skip this one, it's not like it sounds. You see lots (well, maybe not lots, but some) of records of nuns singing, or church choirs singing hymns of Christmas, but how many of them feature actual carols like White Christmas or Jingle Bells? None, that's how many. Errr, wait, I mean one, this one! I was as surprised as I'm sure you are. I picked this one up because of the neat cover, and probably would have bought it anyway because of that, but the performance of happy Christmas music like Sleigh Ride and Joy To The World sealed the deal. So download this and give it a listen, you will enjoy it. Here's The Sisters Of Divine Providence-Christmas Mosaic-Our Greetings In Carols (Gateway GLP-9014).

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