Sunday, December 05, 2010

Wrap It Up! Week Two

That's the end of week two here at the blog.  Lots and lots of good stuff got shared out this week, both new and old.  Well, new shares anyhow, I don't share out any new Christmas music.  I'd better get started on this list or I'll never finish before midnight.  Here goes...

The Ramsey Lewis Trio-More Sounds Of Christmas (Rerun)
Tell Me About Chanukah-Story Of Chanukah and Chanukah Melodies
The Shepherd's Children's Chorus-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Rerun)
Johnny Mathis-The Little Drummer Boy/Have Reindeer, Will Travel (Remastered)
25 Days Of Christmas (Rerun)
Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians-Nutcracker Suite (Rerun)
Claire Bloom With Orchestra Conducted By Jonel Perlea-Story Of The Nutcracker
Ogden Nash-Christmas With Ogden Nash (Rerun)
David Randolph Singers-1961-A Special Christmas Music Medley
The Don Les Harmonicats-Christmas With The Don Les Harmonicats (Rerun)
The Mulcays And Their Electric Harmonicas-Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year
Temple B'Nai Abraham Of Essex County School Choir-Vivienne K. Bender, Director With Dr. Joachim Prinz-Children Sing On Hanukah
Natal no Brasil (Rerun)
Marco Antonio Muñiz, Orquesta De Luis Cardenas-Navidad En Puerto Rico
The Absolute Best Tracks From Ernie (Not Bert)'s Christmas In July 2007 Edition (Rerun)
Christmas At Quito
Bruce Woodman Presents Christmas Carols With A Latin Lilt (Rerun)
The Madrid Concert Orchestra And Chorus-Victorino Echevarria, Arranger-Conductor-Christmas In Spain (Rerun)
The Merriest of Christmas Pops (Remastered)
Mimi Hines With Ray Martin's Orchestra-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Remastered)
The Moog Machine-Christmas Becomes Electric (Rerun)
The Fantastic Strings Of Felix Slatkin-Season's Greetings (Rerun)
Santa Claus (Walt Jacobs)-Santa's Own Christmas 
The Medallion Orchestra And Chorus, Directed By John Paul Krance-The Sound Of Christmas-Deck The Halls (Rerun)
The Pete King Chorale And Orchestra-Christmas Time (Rerun)
Richard Keys Biggs-Christmas Bells-Cathedral Organ and Chimes Featuring Richard Keys Biggs (Rerun)
The Randolph Singers-David Randolph, Director-Christmas Carols Vol. 1
The Randolph Singers, David Randolph, Director-Christmas Carols-Volume 2 (Rerun)
Ruth Welcome-Christmas In Zitherland (Rerun)
The World's Greatest Jazzband Of Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart-Hark The Herald Angels Swing (Rerun)
Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra With The Moon Maids-A Marshmallow World b/w Snowy White Snow And Jingle Bells
Shimon & Ilana With Aviva And Shira, Featuring Sally Speer And Dave Tilman-Chanukah Songs For Children
Charo-(Mamacita) ¿Donde Esta Santa Claus? (Rerun)
Gary Mann-Blues For Baby Jesus (Rerun)
An English Country Church Choir With Organ-Christmas In England-Carol Service In A Country Church
The King Karoleers And Bob Kames-16 Traditional Christmas Carols 
Bob Kames-Merry Christmas From Bob Kames And The New Hammond Organ X-66 (Rerun)
Bob Kames-Organ And Chimes #3-Happy Holidays (Rerun)
Bob Kames-Organ And Chimes #2-It's Christmas Time (Rerun)
Bob Kames-Organ And Chimes-15 Songs Of Christmas (Rerun)
Ernie Berger-A Variety Of Christmas Songs
Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra And Chorus-Christmas Magic (10")
Happy Holiday With The Best Of The Mummers 
Andy Williams, Orchestra Conducted By Archie Bleyer-Christmas Is A Feeling In Your Heart b/w The Wind, The Sand And The Star
Jimmy Sturr And His Orchestra With The Jimmy Sturr Singers & The Matusz Singers-Polka Christmas In My Hometown  (Rerun)
Frankie Yankovic-Christmas Party (Rerun)
The Men's Choir Of St. Hedwig's-Polish Christmas Carols (Rerun)
Ken Stanley And The Pubsters-Christmas At The Red Lion And A Happy New Year Too...
Homer & Jethro-Seasoned Greetings
Dartmouth Glee Club-Paul R. Zeller, Director-White Christmas On The Campus (Remastered)
Yuletide Favorites-Barbershop Style
David Rose-Little Drummer Boy (Rerun)
David Rose And His Orchestra-A Merry Christmas To You From David Rose And His Orchestra (Rerun)
Richard Ellsasser-Michael Carr's Wintertime Suite (Rerun)
Pete Fountain-Candy Clarinet (Rerun)

Week One:

Spencer Ross-Thanksgiving Day Parade, Etc
Squanto And The First Thanksgiving (Rerun)
Thanksgiving For King
Lollipop Dragon Helps Santa/Thanksgiving In Tum Tum
Christmas Around The World
James A. Linen-Time For Christmas
Fred Waring-Twas The Night Before Christmas (Remaster!)
Fred Waring-Christmas Time (Rerun)
Raymond Lefevre-Merry Christmas (Remaster!)
Paul Mauriat-The Christmas Album (Remaster!)
Paul Mauriat-Joyeux Noel
Les Djinns Singers-Joyeaux Noel (Rerun)
Mireille Mathieu-Mireille Mathieu's Christmas
The Merriest Time!
Skitch Henderson-Winter Holiday (Rerun)
Elliot Lawrence-Christmas Just A Minute (Remaster!)
Holiday Greetings From The Epic, Portrait And CBS Associated Family
The Best For '89 From The Entire Capitol Family
Holiday Greetings Voice Tracks
Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Carols (Rerun)
Saint Patrick's Cathedral Choir Sings Christmas Songs (Rerun)
Fontanna-Christmas At Home (Rerun)
Carols Of Christmas And The Stories Behind Them
The Best Of Christmas In July 2006 From Ernie (Not Bert) (Rerun)
Dino Martinelli-Plays Music For Christmas (Now In Stereo)
John Donnelly & Sons-Sing It Outdoors (Rerun)
Sammy Kaye-I Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas (Remaster!)
Sammy Kaye-Christmas Day With Sammy Kaye (Rerun)
Sammy Kaye-Christmas Serenade (Rerun)
Sammy Kaye-Year 'Round Favorites (Rerun)
The Gregory Orchestra And Chorus-David Frost Introduces A Christmas Record For Oxfam
Sing Along With Santa's Pixie Helpers-The Animals' Christmas Song b/w The Christmas Song Cha Cha Cha?
When Singers Meet, Inc., Mass Choir-Joy To The World
Santa's Snowmen-Swing Along With Santa's Snowmen (Rerun)
Big Tiny Little-Christmas With Big Tiny Little (Remaster!)

That list just blows me away.  Did I really do all that?  One third of the way there, roughly. See you next week.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME Ernie. I just love this blog and that you offer MediaFire!! What a treat it is to see what Santa Left each day. You totally rock and I can't thank you enough.
Just listened to Ogden Nash. That is quite a record. Loved the cover too.

Lady Jane Wensleydale said...

I found Vol. 1 of the Randolph Singers! Here is the link I found:

Ernie said...

You can just download volume 1 of The Randolph Singers from right here at the old blog:

Shared it for the first time this year.