Sunday, November 28, 2010

Singin' Outside

I love to share stuff that no one has ever seen before.  It's hard to find things that fit that description, but this record came close.  It's an advertising jingle for a company I'd never heard of.  When I first posted it on 2007, I thought it was just one of those neat, unknown things that I like, but no one else would care about.  Boy, was I wrong.  I get comments and email on a fairly regular basis from people who grew up hearing some of the jingles from this record on TV and radio.  I'd never heard any of them before, but I guess I just lived in the wrong spot.  And being on groovy green vinyl didn't hurt anything.  So for a little something that you may or may not have ever heard before, please download John Donnelly & Sons-Sing It Outdoors (No Catalog Number, Mono).

1. Sing It Outdoors
2. Deck The Halls
3. O Tannenbaum
4. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
5. The Friendly Beasts
6. Les Agnes Dans Nos Campagnes
7. Maria Und Joseph
8. Nu Ar Det Jul Icen
9. Twelve Days Of Christmas
10. What Child Is This
11. Unto Us A Boy Was Born
12. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
13. Silent Night
14. Sing It Outdoors



Stubby said...

Hey, Ernie,

I really appreciate the Megaupload links, but the Mega link in this post is actually Rapidshare.

Thanks for all of this, Ernie. You're insane.


Ernie said...

That's not my first screw up this year, and I doubt if it's going to be the last. Thanks for mentioning it. Should be fixed now.