Saturday, December 04, 2010

En Puerto Rico

 I shared a couple of South American Christmas albums with you this morning, so I thought I'd follow up with this Puerto Rican Christmas LP, a gift from your Kelvinator dealer.  I had a couple different copies of this one, the biggest difference between them being the label styles.  One had the old style label, shown below, and the other had a newer, Dyna-Groove era label, so this LP was being used by Kelvinator for quite a few years.  I didn't really find the music to be all that Christmas sounding, but it's not bad.  Perhaps it will bring back good memories for you if you're familiar with the songs.  This is Marco Antonio Muñiz, Orquesta De Luis Cardenas-Navidad En Puerto Rico (RCA Victor MKL-1800, Producid y Distribuido por Kelvinator Sales Of Puerto Rico, Inc., Mono).

1. Triste Navidad
2. Noche De Navidad
3. Preparese Mi Compadre
4. Navidad Contigo
5. Asi Es Mi Navidad
6. Felices Pascuas
7. Aguinaldo De La Virgen
8. Brisas De Navidad
9. Aguinaldo De Las Flores
10. De La Montaña Venimos
11. Cantares De Navidad
12. La Rosa Blanca



Anonymous said...

Available atñiz/dp/B00005KAS8

Ernie said...

Yep, so it is. And the share is deleted. :)