Monday, November 29, 2010

Any Repost Requests?

There's a long time between now and Christmas that I need to fill up with posts, so if there's anything you've seen posted here before that you'd like to see pop up again, let me know.  Obviously, I can't share out the stuff that's now on CD or legit download, but that still leaves hundreds of things I've shared out over the years that are still fair game.  I've got folders full of old shares around here, so finding old stuff shouldn't be a problem.  You guys probably remember stuff that I've forgotten all about (like that last David Rose post...)  If you don't request anything, then I have to choose what gets reposted, and I get tired of having to pick something each and every time.  Anyone, anyone?

(I'm not updating the old posts with re-loaded shares this year, so if you're looking for something, look for a share from 2010 for the best chance of it being live.  RapidShare removed a bunch of files over the summer that had been live for years and years, but now they're all gone away...  Sad...)


Badgercat said...

Ernie, this has been a great first week of the season. Thank you.

Like many folks I'm sure, I have heard great Christmas music here that I'd not heard before.

It's all a matter of personal taste.

One of my favorite plays now is from the Pete King Chorale. If you've cleaned it up with your new software, perhaps you could repost that?

Thanks again for your work, passion and shares here Ernie.

Dainon. said...

How about that Ferrante one from a year or two ago?

Ernie said...

Dainon-I don't think I've ever posted a full record by Ferrante or Teicher. Perhaps you're thinking about Buster over at Big 10 Inch.

BadgerCat-I haven't remastered that one yet, but I can reshare it, not a problem. The only ones I remastered were things I had the original WAV files still, or stuff I recorded again. I think processing the MP3 files is sort of a waste of time better spent elsewhere. I'll try to put it on the list for next year though.

Badgercat said...

Thanks Ernie. It's a great share regardless!

Anonymous said...

I have some requests:
"The Merriest Of Christmas Pops"
a remastered version of both
Dick Leibert "The Sound Of Christmas On The Radio City Music Hall Organ" &
Dick Leibert "The Happy Hits Of Christmas"


Anonymous said...

Hey Ernie -

Wonderful wonderful stuff. I came to the Blog too late to hear the Leonard Feather Winter Sequence. It'd be awesome if you could do that one.



Noma Lights said...

I'm amazed at the sheer volume of shares this week! Thanks for all the hard work you put in.

A few of old the shares that are not available caught my eye. Maybe you will consider them for repost if they are handy.

David Wayne "Little Star of Bethlehem"
Three Suns - "Uncle Mistletoe/Sleigh Ride"45
Bruce Woodman "Christmas Carols with a Latin Lilt"

I have to say you add a lot of cheer to the season with your shares. It's great fun discovering or rediscovering (as the case may be) these old albums and singles.

Anonymous said... about some tunes from the Country (as in Music, that is) to get our toes to tappin' as we barrel into December? Thanks Ernie for ALL of your hard work - you jingle our collective bells more than you'll ever know!

Unknown said...

I was looking at your flicker sight, how about:
Have Yourself A Merry, Merry Christmas-Billy Vaughn
Christmas Brass- Monterey Brass
Echoes Of Christmas- George Freyers?

Perry Lambert said...

Hey Ernie...thank you for all your posts!!!

Do you have any lossless posts of The J's with Jamie or the soundtrack from "Say one for me" with Bing Crosby?

Either way, thank you again!!

Anonymous said...

Anything by The Three Suns ... they can do no wrong :)

Thanks for all you do!