Saturday, December 04, 2010

South America Way

One more old share to revisit before we head back to the US mainland, and that's this 10 incher from Brazil.  I almost said something about leaving our Spanish language records, but then I remembered that they speak Portuguese in Brazil, not Spanish.  Such a rookie mistake. I first shared this record back in 2006, and it's proven to be a popular download.  I'm sure you'll like it, too, if you haven't downloaded it already.  This is Natal no Brasil (Copacabana CLP 3087, 10" 33 RPM, Mono).

1. Elizete Cardoso com Orquestra e Cõro de Severino Filho-Cantiga De Natal
2. Black-Out comm Orquestra e Cõro-Natal Das Criancas
3. Ángela Maria com Orquestra e Cõro-Outros Natais
4. Sõnia Delfino com Orquestra e Cõro do Club do Guri-Sino De Belem (Jingle Bells)
5. Ángela Maria e João Dias com Orquestra-Papai Noel Esqueceu
6. Leny Eversong com Aloysio, seu Conjunto e Cõro-Prece De Natal
7. Duo Brasil Moreno com Orquestra e Cõro-Noite Feliz
8. Altamiro Carrilho e Sua Bandinha-Boas Festas



Buster said...

Most interesting material - the artists were very well known in Brazil. You wouldn't see this record up north!

Stubby said...

Ooooh. Good one!