Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cha Cha Cha?

Your single of the day for today is this cute little number from the fine budget-label folks at Precision Radiation Instruments.  Unlike their normal push-it-out-the-door cover recordings, this little ditty features a bit of thought and some actual songwriting.  Side one is a cute song about what all the animals want for Christmas that really, really gets into your head.  I sang this for days after I recorded it, sometimes with the actual words, and sometimes with animal rhymes I made up myself ( a whirly bird...for the myna bird...).  The B side is a chipmunk-voiced take on The Christmas Song with a bit of cha cha cha thrown in.  Not too bad.  I've seen these songs on full albums put out by the same cheap label, I may even have shared them under a different name, I need to check, but when I saw the single, I thought it was too cute to pass up.  This is Sing Along With Santa's Pixie Helpers-The Animals' Christmas Song b/w The Christmas Song Cha Cha Cha? (PRI 45-S 320, Mono, 1960).


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