Sunday, December 05, 2010

Two Birds, One Stone

I thought I was killing two birds with one stone tonight, not only giving you another Chanukah share, but also giving you my single of the day.  But then I remembered that this was a double single, so I guess I'm really killing two birds with two stones.  Anyhow, this neat little record tells us all about Chanukah and sings a few songs to boot.  It played at 78 RPM but had a narrow microgroove recording on it, so I was able to use a normal needle.  My turntable doesn't spin fast enough for it, though, so I had to record it at 45 RPM, then fix the speed in software.  I think it turned out pretty well for what it is.  So on this, the fifth night of Chanukah, I give you Tell Me About Chanukah-Story Of Chanukah and Chanukah Melodies (KTAV 2x 7" 78 RPM Microgroove, 1951, Mono).

1. Edward Gold With Elaine Wertheim-Story Of Chanukah-Side 1
2. Edward Gold With Elaine Wertheim-Story Of Chanukah-Side2
3. Honore Singer With Elaine Wertheim-It Was The First Night Of Chanukah
4. Victoria Yousha With Elaine Wertheim-Blessing Of The Candles
5. Honore Singer-These Chanukah Lights
6. Victoria Yousha With Elaine Wertheim-Hanerot Hallelu
7. Honore Singer-Do You Know This Chanukah Song
8. Victoria Yousha With Elaine Wertheim-Rock Of Ages
9. Honore Singer-In Hebrew We Sing It Like This
10. Victoria Yousha With Elaine Wertheim-Maoz Tzur
11. Honore Singer-In The Flickering Candlelight
12. Victoria Yousha With Elaine Wertheim-Al Hanissim



Stormy said...

Thank you for all these Chanukah records!

Ernie said...

Yours is the first comment I've gotten on any of my Chanukah shares. I was beginning to think no one noticed. I just wish I had eight shares for you. One more very small one to go, then that's it. Maybe next year I'll have more.

Thanks for taking the time to comment!