Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lynn Returns

Pretty much every year since 2005, I share out my Lynn Anderson Christmas record right after I share my Buck Owens and Susan Raye Christmas record, and this year is no different.  However, this year I have a newly remastered copy of the Lynn Anderson record, so I'm sure you're going to enjoy that.  It sounds really nice, and even the cover scan looks better.  So don't delay, go download a copy of Lynn Anderson-The Christmas Album (Columbia C 30957, 1971, Stereo).

1. Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell
2. Jingle Bell Rock
3. The Spirit Of Christmas
4. Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
5. Soon It Will Be Christmas Day
6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
7. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
8. Mr. Mistletoe
9. A Whistle And A Whisker Away
10. Frosty The Snowman
11. Don't Wish Me Merry Christmas



Terry said...

A treasure! Thanks for sharing.

Joe/Tom said...

Thanks Ernie-- I already have this--it's one of my favorites-- but it reminds me to thank you for your generosity of spirit. I feel like you are an old friend.

Dan said...

Thanks so much, for all your posts!

Bryan said...

Hi there,
Came across your blog thru another blog. Yours is so great. Grabbed a number of shares and "thank you" for sharing these. In my own personal collection I have 400 +/- Christmas CD's and iTunes albums. People think I am nuts, is not one enough or just a few. Each one is different and each artist puts their own spin on eack track, quality varies.
I love the write-ups you offer on these albums. I am not sure as to the English word, maybe it might be sarcastic? Anyway, the little jabs you sometimes put in the write-up. This makes it all the more enjoyable to read, really it does.
Plan to read a lot more of your blog when I have more time.
Also so glad you offer the three download services. RapidShare is my least favorite of the three. MediaFire is my favorite.
Keep up the good work.