Saturday, December 04, 2010

Without A Latin Lilt

Here's one that's been off my radar for quite a while around here, but someone mentioned it in a request, so I'm gonna bring it back.  I think I first shared this back in 2006, and that may have been the only time it ever showed up.  It's interesting versions of some Christmas carols & local songs as recorded by a missionary in South America.  I think I've got a similar new share I can pair with this later, so this makes for a nice little rock-block here at the blog.The title of this one claims a Latin lilt, but I don't hear it.  It's certainly not what I think of when I think of Latin Christmas music.  But try it and see what you think.  This is Bruce Woodman Presents Christmas Carols With A Latin Lilt (SAC 1002, Stereo)

1. Luis Palau-Introduction
2. Bruce Woodman-Come, Oh Ye Shepherds
3. Bruce Woodman-Silent Night
4. Luis Palau-Introduction
5. Bruce Woodman-En La Noche Los Pastores Velan (The Night Watch Of The Shepherds)
6. Lois Hat Vasconez-There's A Song In The Air
7. Luis Palau-Introduction
8. Bruce Woodman-Salvador Admirable (Wonderful Savior)
9. Luis Palau-Introduction
10. Bruce Woodman-Blessed Palestine
11. Bill Fasig-What Child Is This?
12. Bruce Woodman-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
13. Luis Palau-Introduction
14. Delores Baklenko-It's Christmas Time
15. Bill Fasig-The First Noel


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