Monday, November 29, 2010

Have A Pint On Me

OK, if any of you have ever seen this before, I want to hear about it.  This has to be the most off-the-wall thing I've seen in a while.  A Christmas record from the point of view of a bunch of regulars down at the pub on Christmas Eve.  (Well, that's one side.  Side two is New Year's.)  I've never heard of or seen such a thing, but here it is, pulled from living vinyl.  And here's your chance to listen to such a thing, too.  Please download Ken Stanley And The Pubsters-Christmas At The Red Lion And A Happy New Year Too... (Arc AC-15, Stereo).

1. Beer, Beer, Glorious Beer
2. Here's To Good Old Whisky
3. All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)
4. Musical Limericks
5. The Night Before Christmas
6. Good Night Ladies
7. Wee Deoch And Doris
8. Auld Sandy's Wee Special
9. The Northern Lights Of Aberdeen
10. The Miner's Dream Of Home
11. Auld Lang Syne



  1. Thanks Ernie,

    I like unusual Christmas albums.


  2. Ha! I'll have to look up the Pubsters. I can only imagine what they sound like. Wow...I thought I knew a lot of Christmas albums!

  3. ...and this is them filled with Christmas spirit, half in the bag...
    Thanks Ernie - anything for a party, eh?

  4. Now I wouldn't be a good Irishman if I passed this one up!

  5. Starting off a Christmas album with Beer, Beer, Glorious Beer? Who can resist that?

  6. I can't offer anything up about the artists, but I am surprised to learn that you had never seen this album before; here in Canada it is a used record bin staple (and I can speak for Ontario and Nova Scotia). In fact, this past summer I finally decided to pick one up for myself after having passed it over time and again.

  7. I can speak for nova scotia also.

    Bill Gilliland Of Arc records would sign anything and everything it seems. and did support a lot of canadian acts before there was a real recording industry in canada.

    Anne Murray's first real album "what about me" was on ARC in 1968, before she signed with Capitol and had a hit with "snowbird" and is also a used store staple up here

    Arc was big on Newfoundland music acts also, harry hibbs probably being one of his biggest sellers.

    He also had the "yorkville" label which had a worldwide hit with ocean's "put your hand in the hand" in 1971.

    Due to canadian content regulations for playing canadian content in 1971 (which still exist today) for radio airplay (today 35% of hourly content on the air must be canadian) we have nutured some great artists since, some known worldwide, but bill and arc records was one of the pioneers in my mind.

    I actually have this album myself..the mono's more like a get together. I ran it on my stream last christmas. It reminds me of the "pig and whistle" TV show of the late 60s in canada, to which arc records also released the soundtrack.

  8. Very fond 1960's memories of "Christmas at the Red Lion". My parents (from Scotland) and there other Scottish friends loved to have house parties that featured lots of singing - this album was always brought out around Christmas...

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I remember it from when I was a little girl. In fact I stopped singing at family Christmas parties when at age of 5 I chose to sing "here's to good old whiskey mop it down" I also like the story about the guy that met the devil on his way home. I am looking for a digital copy of this album if possible.

  10. I've got this album and several other ARC records. My favourite is a supposed Monkees album "She hangs out"

  11. All the links are dead. I'd love to see this one re-uploaded, it sounds wild.

  12. There's a good link at this repost:

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  14. My father is the man in the kilt, and sings on this album

  15. Wow, thanks for the comment, Susan! Always good to hear from someone with a connection to one of these albums. :)


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