Saturday, December 01, 2007

Missing Music, Part Two

Here is another record sleeve I found during the year that gave me a nasty surprise when I opened it up. I didn't find a copy of Muzak-Stimulus Progression Number Three-Christmas inside. Instead, I think there was another record in the Stimulus Progression series, one of the non-Christmas ones. I was pretty bummed. I thought this would make a great complement to my other Muzak Christmas record, but it was not to be. But I got an early Christmas present this morning from Lee over at Music You (Possibly) Won't Find Anyplace Else (or something like that...). He's posted this exact same LP, and his copy had the right record in it! He's also got a Seeburg record, which I can also post about later! It's a two-for-one deal! So go over there and get this great music. You'll be stimulated to progress in no time.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

For especially recalcitrant customers and workers, they had stimulus level four. Then five. Then six.

"Alone... with that music... without even a Tormentor for company."--William Shatner.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I need to post MY Muzak LP. I think it's from the late 70's. I posted a track to one of the ADVENTure in Carols comps.