Monday, November 26, 2007

The Chimes Of Cincinnati

I'm not sure why I like to post these Christmas chime records. Maybe it's because they are so prevalent that it's easy to find odd ones. Perhaps it's just the masochist in me. Either way, here's another one! Never seen any other copies of this one, and the internet isn't helping me much here. This must have been a give-away from the Union Central Life Insurance Company, and dates from two years after they installed the chimes in their shiny skyscraper. A good researcher would be able to put all those facts together and come up with a pretty good date for this record. I'm too lazy for all that. If you want to take a stab at it, please be my guest. While we're waiting for someone to jump on that, go download The Union Central Chimes-Christmas Carols (Union Central Life UCL-12-3, -4). There's no catalog number on this one, I got those number from the dead wax at the center. Matrix numbers, I guess you'd call them.

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Unknown said...

This building says PNC BANK now. It's highlited with red and green floodlights for the holidays