Friday, November 30, 2007

26 Days Of Christmas-Day 1

I thought I was having trouble keeping up with the blog posts already (Like how I've missed my other comp posts for three days in a row now...), so I've decided to start my other Christmas comp. This one follows on the heels of last year's collection, which was titled 25 Days Of Christmas. This year is a little bit different, as I'm getting an extra days worth of Christmas by starting on November 30th instead of December 1st. Pretty clever, eh? This collection will be just odds and sods from any piece of vinyl I happen to have in my collection. I've got tons of singles and albums that I don't think will fit in elsewhere, so I'm going to throw some of those tracks up here. The very first share is a great track that I missed way back in 1981 when it first came out. Some of you may remember Mickey Gilley's big hit, Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time, an ode to beer goggles and not going home alone. Here he's adapted those lyrics slightly to have a holiday edge, which clashes a little bit with the parts of the song he doesn't change. But it's still a great tune that you never hear. And that cover is a redneck classic! I'm going to throw up the back cover just so you can see the mechanical bull all dolled up like a reindeer. So let's get the compilation under way with Mickey Gilley-Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Christmas Time from Christmas At Gilley's (Epic FE 37595, 1981). Remember that Mickey is cousins with Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart before you dismiss this as boring old country...


  1. that is my kind of music!!!!!

  2. Please post album this year again. Thanks!

  3. Oh, any chance of this getting re-posted? I understand you are busy, but I thought it would not hurt to ask.. I am so sad it took me a while to find your blog, so I missed some good stuff! Thank you so much for all you do!


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