Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ethel The Second

As promised, here's the 12" 33 RPM version of Ethel Smith-Christmas Music (Decca DL 8187). It's got a couple of tracks that aren't on the 2x7" I shared out last year, so if you enjoyed that one, you'll like this one as well. This record has some of the same sound problems as the 7" version, so don't download this in hopes of getting some great listening music, 'cause it sounds rough in the louder spots. Those of you who can't get enough Ethel might want to visit this Christmas In July post. Those sound a lot better than these. Oh, and I shared out a doodle from the back of this LP here.


Inkydog said...

Thanks for posting, Ernie. I'm a big fan of Hammond organ and of Ethel. I recently restored a photo taken of Ethel in her later years with a young gentleman fan. It was a great memory for him and I was pleased to help bring it back.

DarcyPennell said...

Ethel Smith! She's one of my favorites. Her birthday was just over a week ago.